Nervous Wrecked was Matthew Davey’s experimental music project consisting of a revolving group of local musician friends, spanning 2004 – 2010.
Davey self-released three demo albums with new recording partner Brennan Galley of Fierce Mule Productions, which include:


File Under: Impossible Deadlines (2004);


Doldrums (2004);


and, Modest, Practical Living (2005);


before self-recording in his garage:


Salvage My Soul (2006).


Finally, Nervous Wrecked released a twin set of full-length albums inspired by a writing frenzy in 2009, of which 12 songs were released as:

Snakes (2009);


and another 12 songs released as:


Circles (2010).


By this point the group had solidified into: Matthew Davey (vocals, guitars, keys), Josh Braga (drums), Kevin Fraser (bass and back up vocals), and first Jonathan Jackson (keys)  later replaced by Joseph Gallo Jr. (keys, accordion, and back up vocals).

In 2010 the band partnered with Dave Fox and Andrea Mauro of another band Childebeast, the six members creating the new project Lazu Lie. Lazu Lie released Abusually Intuit in 2011, disbanded in 2012, and in 2013 released a self-titled full album of songs that had been in the works before the band’s ending.


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